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Published February 8, 2016

What are the Benefits of having a Quality Led Flashlight?

The LED Flashlight is a necessary hand tool. It is not just for looking-for in the dark. You can use it for emergencies such as power off, getting attention for rescue, etc. Or just simply use it for daily general works.

In addition, it is indispensable tool for outdoor activities as camping, diving, caving… So choosing the right and trustworthy led flashlight is very important, i.e. it will not breakdown when you need it.

Which Led Flashlight is Best and Right for you?

First, you have to answer the question: “What am I going to use it for?” There are many kind of led flashlight such as tactical flashlight, EDC flashlight and with every of led flashlight which is suitable for every of application.

It depends on the purpose of using we have some popular application as below. Based on what the led flashlight will be used for you can choose what features that you need.

1. The EDC (Everyday Carry) LED flashlight:

Just like the own name, EDC flashlight for everyday use. It is always carried with you all the time. The EDC flashlight is small, weak light and was attached to the bunch of keys.

Small size and light weight tend to be of EDC flashlight because users always take with. In several emergences, the light although it’s small and weak but crucially important, which can save your life.

The EDC flashlight has been constrained by capacity of battery and doesn’t have many functions. It might have low or medium brightness or for both.

2. For Hiking:

The led flashlight for hiking is must light weight and long run time for the long journey. It’s really no need for beam long distance because the beam long distance flashlight need more power and battery has run down quickly.

There are, however, some exceptions if you are team leader or group leader, you need the led flashlight with beam long distance function for analysis, orientation for all team or group.

3. For Camping:

Like the flashlight for hiking, it’s no need beam long distance. The best flashlight for camping is must have wide beam of light, long runtime battery and the long continuous operation period.

4. For Biking:

The best flashlight for biking at night need long and wide beam of strong lights. The long continuous operation is over 4 hours. You need a support for flashlight to attach to your bike, which fit and easy operation.

5. For Hunting & Fishing:

When you go to hunting or fishing, a LED flashlight with strong lights, long beam distance and high Peak Beam Intensity that help you detect object from long distance. The long runtime operation is not important.

6. For Searching:

These flashlights are reserved for search, rescue and discovery. It has many functions such as strong lights, beam long distance, high candela (cd), etc. So it is big and heavy.

7. For Diving:

Water resistant, high reliability, high brightness, long runtime are what the flashlight for diving need. In addition, the weight and size of it is not important, in fact it is big and heavy is easy to operate under water.

8. For Caving:

This LED flashlight has to be sturdy, durable, waterproof because you can accidentally drop it into the water or rock during the process of exploration. Moreover, it has to be super lights, super economical in energy.

The super light will guarantee you get enough necessary information when you stand in the large or deep cave. Save energy will guarantee you get weak light for a long time when you take an unexpected circumstance such as lost your way.

In the cave, there was almost no natural light so you need the quality led flashlight because it like your own life.

Flashlight Basic Performance Standard

ANSI-NEMA-FL-1-2009-standardThe efficiency of led flashlight is not just depends on lumens only but also influenced by several factors which are listed below.

All of these factors was established according to ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009 Flashlight Basic Performance Standard. This standard is applied by optional but now many flashlight brands start to use and print ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009 standard on their products such as Streamlight, Mag Intruments, Fenix, 4Sevens…

1. Lumens (lm) is a unit of measurement which let you know be capable of light-emitting of flashlight.

2. Run time is the long continuous operation period. The using time is measured when the flashlight has full lumens and then decrease down to remain just 10% lumens.

3. Peak Beam Intensity (cd) is candela that is measured at strongest light point of the flashlight. It is normally on the center of the light source. You should notice it because the same flashlight and have the same lumens but which one has bigger candela (cd), it will be stronger light.

4. Beam Distance is the longest distance of light from flashlight to object. It is parameter which depend on candela, some brands calculate beam distance based on peak beam intensity (cd) like 4sevens, some brands get it by performed live such as Energizer.

5. Water Resistant: this parameter is only three IPX standards include IPX4 – preventing waters from falling into the flashlight such as the raindrops.

  • IPX7 – putting flashlight under water with depth is one meter in at least 30 minutes.
  • IPX8 – requiring flashlight be still fine when put it under water in 4 hours with the depth is larger one meter.

Some brands write clearly about the depth under water, for instance IPX8-10 meters that meant it is endurable when put it for 4 hours under water at depth 10 meters.

6. Impact Resistant: this parameter require write clearly about the distance test on products (drop it from a distance and repeat again at six times) and the flashlight is still fine after test.

Quick Guide to Get Best Led Flashlight

You can find out many best flashlights in the market. Below are some main points that you need to consider before get the right one.

1. Light-emitting technology:

You can choose between incandescent lights or LEDs technology. The flashlights use incandescent lamp is cheap and not durable as well as led flashlights.

If you need more light you should choose led flashlights. Moreover, most of led flashlights are durable, long runtime and long led-bulb life so you need less regularly maintained.

2. Batteries for flashlights:

The most of it use AAA, AA, 18650, CR133A, D or C battery. However, for protection of the environment you should choose rechargeable best 18650 batteries.

3. Size:

It is quite important. You can choose small size, which is more convenient and utilitarian but you make sure that the size is no any effect on output capacity of the flashlight that you need.

4. Reading reviews:

Let reading many online led flashlight reviews as you can, which helps you find out the right one that you need. You should buy best flashlights from branding which has high rating by real customers and experts.


As you known the sentence “you get what you pay for”, if you are ready pay more for the best led flashlight you will get a high quality, durable and beautiful flashlight for many, many years.

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