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Published April 25, 2017

I have an endless passion with Soprano Ukulele. So I made a crazy decision last year by buying 5 Soprano Ukulele on Amazon instead of one expensive Uke. They are all so amazing and I totally satisfy with what in the bags.

The Ukulele Review for Beginners

So, I decide to give you my real experience with these lovable Ukes. I hope after my reviews, you can pick the suitable Uke for yourself.

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But first, I think I should point out some Ukulele’s good features that you can find in all 5 Soprano Ukuleles I will review here.

So, let’s go to their details.

1) Kala KA-15S

This Uke is the best Kala instrument. Don’t be tricked by its small size, its sound is extremely nice. The Uke is really easy to reach the lower tones and play well with complicated chords without problems. This is the coolest point I love in this Uke.

The Uke comes with Aquila strings. This is much better and stronger and original ones. It is so great. I don’t have to spend so much time to tune it again and again like the other nylon strings.

However, it is made of Laminated wood. Therefore, the sound cannot be as good as solid wood. But I think with this $53, you shouldn’t expect its sound like an expensive solid wood Uke.

2) Kala KA-S

Kala KA-S is an outstanding instrument. It comes with awesome looking: nice bridge, cool tuning gears, excellent soundhole, etc. And although KA-S’ nylon string, this Uke still sound warm and rich. It is also like a classical guitar.

One thing I shouldn’t forget to mention is that shipping time is great, in spite of its cheap price. Customer service is really good as well.

However, it is one of a cheap Uke, so you can meet some small problems. For instance: you cannot have a similar solid wood sound with its laminated wood, it will not stay in tune sometimes because of nylon strings.

After all, I still highly recommend this Kala KA-S. You must know that this Uke’s quality is much higher than its price.

3) Kala MK-S

It will be a smart choice to bring this Kala Uke back home. Kala MK-S owns a sweet sound. The sound is not too bright and not too low. Until now, I haven’t had any problem with frets board or tune with this Kala Uke. This is fantastic, right?

Some people complain that they have to tune strings over and over. Yes, you must adjust at the first time and strings will be looser after playing several times. But, this problem happens with all instruments having strings, even with steel strings.

If you don’t like black nylon, you totally can upgrade to Aquila strings with just $7.5 to get better sound. I changed to Aquila strings because I love to have bolder sound for my third love.

Lastly, if I have a chance to change my mind when I bought it, I am still loyal with Kala MK-S.

4) Luna Mahogany

This Luna Ukulele will bring you full Hawaiian atmosphere to anywhere you go. It came to my house with really good gig bag and more wonderful thing inside. The tattoo in its body is perfect.Its sound like a small guitar: deep and rich. And the slim neck is perfect for kids and small hands as mine.

This Luna Mahogany Ukulele uses batteries to make better sound, however, the Uke don’t have any guideline to use it. This is the disappointed point. And the sound cannot loud as I wish.

Anyway, I think you will not waste your money with this Honu Soprano Uke.

5) Luna Mahogany Pineapple

I always love curved things. That is the reason why I felt in love with this Luna Uke at first sight. After buying it, I was completely knocked out by its quality. Despite of Soprano size, the sound is not tiny or thin. Tone is warm and full balance.

I just try to research some guidelines on Google. And after few days I can strum some easy songs within 2-3 chords. It is so amazing, isn’t it?

Only one thing I am not comfortable with this Uke is that I have to adjust tune right before I strum. This makes me annoy a little bit. So I decided to change strings and my pineapple is perfect now.

After all, Luna pineapple Ukulele is still my best friend and my love.


You know, nothing is perfect and nothing can satisfy everyone. This one can be good for many people, but it also can be worse for someone else. So choose one Ukulele that you can get familiar with its disadvantages and let’s feel the music with your awesome Ukulele.

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